Creativity Infused.

Burst is an innovative and refreshing hard cider producer that introduces bold flavours developed from freshly grown Ontario fruits. With a focus on carefully crafted small-batch production, Burst sets itself apart with its genuine thirst for creativity and prides itself on quality and distinctive originality.


We strive to use bold flavours to challenge the status quo and create unique blends of creativity.


We rely on real ingredients and simple processes to make products true to traditional craft cider making.


Each batch is crafted from fresh apples and other fruits grown on farms in the region of Ottawa.

Burst’s mission is to bring an exciting taste experience to beverage enthusiasts by creating unique and natural craft ciders using fresh local fruits and simple processes.
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Our Story

Established in 2018, Burst is part of a new crop of cider makers who are creating refreshing, low-calorie, gluten-free and preservative-free alternatives to wine and beer. We make our cider from freshly pressed local apples and other fruits in small batches each uniquely crafted in the Russell Township.

The Company was founded by Vanessa Gibeault, a Professional Engineer in the food & beverage industry with a passion for hard cider making.

After finding a gap in the market for a healthier alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages, Vanessa spent considerable time studying the hard cider market, experimenting with the cider making process, receiving direct feedback from consumers and exploring current products through local and national tasting events. Through this time, Vanessa decided to invest herself in creating a brand that would bring creative yet simple specialty craft ciders to Ottawa.


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